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Guidance for consumers on coronavirus

No clues or studies are indicating that the coronavirus can be transmitted via food packaging. Nonetheless, hygiene rules should always be maintained. Everybody should wash their hands for at least twenty seconds, before cooking, or handling food. Read more at guidance for consumers on coronavirus.

Climate and COVID-19: converging crises

Covid-19's immediacies replaced Climate Change from the top of the global agenda. A lot has been said about the commonalities shared between environmental issues and Coronavirus. Read more at Climate and COVID-19: converging crises.

Christmas rules 2020: New rules on mixing

This Christmas will not be like those of other years. Nonetheless, we can look at it in a positive way, as we will have more time for cooking.The safest is to stay in our households. Of course, one should not spend Christmas Day alone. Christmas bubbles can be formed on that day. Read more at New rules on mixing.

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