About Us

Pick your preferred diet from our website, using delicious and wholesome ingredients for your meals.

Our Story

EatFresh began as a small start-up in a garage. Our founders Bob and Jane Quatsch thought, it will be great to source healthy ingredients for cooking wherever you live and travel. From this was born the EatFresh concept, which slowly grew into the multimillion-pound business.


Whenever I am trying to cook, I always miss some ingredients, and where I was initially inspired and excited to invest some amount of time in my cooking skills, my excitement lowers. Eatfresh's USP is to inspire a new way of preparing environmental-friendly meals by helping you create a meal based on your eating preferences. What makes us better than our competitors is that our recipes aim at providing a healthy and environmental lifestyle. We acknowledge that climate ethics is what should concern us more than anything else at such times. With Eatfresh, you can select recipes that can be sourced locally for fresh ingredients, using small local shops where available.


Going back to the past, it was then that people had to clear land for food production. In this way, agriculture evolved. Deforestation and ‘land-use’ is a huge contributor to climate change, particularly food production accounts for 26% of greenhouse gas emission. Trees remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, as 50% of habitable land is used just for agriculture. Our goals are not only to motivate people, eating locally, reducing transport emissions, but taking care of the quality of food as transport emissions account only for 6% of food’s total emissions. For that reason, we take care not only of locality but also of quality. We substitute beef and lamb recipes with fish, eggs, and vegetables, as the latter have a much lower carbon footprint than the first. We love food, but we also love our environment and our world. We love the quality of life, of food, of nature. And we want that quality in the highest form.