Our Objective is to inspire a new way of cooking meals and feeding your family that is both environmentally friendly and uses fresh, locally produced food. You'll be able to choose meals that use fresh ingredients that may be found locally, preferably at local shops. EatFresh will present you with a variety of meals that you can prepare straight away. EatFresh can assist you in creating a menu based on your dietary preferences, whether they are vegetarian, vegan, pescitarian, or omnivore.

What is a low carbon meal?

A low-carbon meal and one that has made an intentional effort to reduce carbon emissions by selecting foods with reduced greenhouse gas emissions from farming/feeding, processing, transportation, and storage. Local seasonal vegetables, grains, and fruit have the smallest carbon footprints. Low-carbon foods include grains and pulses. Food flown in from all over the world or cultivated in heated greenhouses emits significantly more carbon dioxide. Emissions from animal products are generally greater, with beef, lamb, and hard cheese being the greatest offenders. Furthermore, because of the energy required to keep food at such low temperatures, frozen dinners emit a lot of pollution.

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