Vegan banana and oatmeal smoothie

Ingredients: -rolled oats -banana -milk

Add rolled oats to a blender and blend until the oats are the size of a fine crumb. Add the banana and milk and blend well. Pour in a glass and enjoy!

Super berry smoothie

Ingredients: -Bag of frozen berry -strawberry yogurt (fat free) -oat milk -porridge oat -honey (optional)

Whizz the berries, yogurt and milk together with a stick blender until smooth. Stir through the porridge oats, then pour into 4 glasses and serve with a drizzle of honey, if you like.

Coconut and banana smoothie

Ingredients: -coconut yogurt -almond milk -turmeric -ginger -baobab powder (optional) -ripe banana -honey -oats -lemon

Add the coconut yogurt and milk to a high-speed blender then add the turmeric, fresh ginger and baobab powder (if using). Tip in the remaining ingredients then blend until smooth. Add ice and blitz again if you prefer a colder drink. Pour into glasses and serve.