Social media feeds

There are a range of social media feeds which can be used to enhance a desktop layout. In this post I am using a two column layout (70:30) set to fill the width of the screen and then in the first column I have added another 2 column block 50:50.

These are a few more..

Using columns as a layout tool can be an effective way of displaying content on larger screens whilst maintaining good responsiveness on smartphones.

Episode 29: Dylan Field, Figma Co-founder, Talks Design, Digital Economy, and Remote Culture with Host Connie Yang Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg

The latest episode of the Distributed podcast pairs Dylan Field, Figma’s CEO and Co-founder, and guest host Connie Yang, Head of Payments Design at Stripe. Join a discussion on design, instilling remote culture, and the digital economy, including Field's perspective on the role of design in technology. “We’ve gone from a physical economy to a digital economy. I don’t think these are new trends or new things that happen but now, all of a sudden it happened all at once, and accelerated massively,” he says.More Subscribe to Distributed at Pocket Casts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RSS, or wherever you like to listen.
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