Staying safe online this Christmas

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9 December 2020

The Library and Computing Support (LCS) team at the University have brought together some great advice about online safety for our student and alumni body. At a time when online fraud is so commonplace, let’s all take steps to be safe.

‘Over last year’s Christmas shopping period there were 17,405 reports of online shopping fraud, reporting a loss of £13.5 million – an average of £775 per incident.’  Source: NSCS.

Top tips

  • Social media scams – Not everyone is who you think they are. We have recently been made aware of students being targeted by fake Facebook accounts pretending to be a member of University staff. How to spot and avoid Facebook scams.
  • Shop securely online – The festive period is a potentially lucrative time of year for cyber criminals, who anticipate that consumers may slightly lower their guard during the rush to bag the best deals. Find out more.
  • Be #CyberAware – six ways to protect your online accounts and devices
  • Unwrapping new gadgets – ‘Smart devices’ are the everyday items that connect to the internet – like speakers, security cameras or fitness trackers. And just like your phone or laptop, if they are unprotected, smart devices can be hacked to put your data and privacy at risk. Find out more.
  • Online gaming  – whenever money or personal data is changing hands online, criminals can be watching. Find out more.
  • In the news? – Be vigilant of criminals trying to use the latest news to trick you into revealing personal or financial information.

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