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Welcome to the SharePoint site supporting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the School of Humanities

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We proactively promote equality of opportunity & recognise the importance of celebrating diversity.

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  • Autism Awareness
    The Disability and Wellbeing Networking (DAWN) are hosting an autism awareness session on Thursday 29th April from 3:00 – 4:00 on Teams.
  • The Simply Equality Podcast
    The Simply Equality podcast talks about someone who is both disabled and LGBT+, it also discusses the challenges these people face and how they cope to live their best life nonetheless.
  • Pride Film Screening.
    In order to celebrate the LGBT+ History Month, the University of Hertfordshire has decided to screen the film Pride.
  • Contrapower: Sexual Harassment in Academia.
    A report recently made by the Australian Women’s History Network’s (AWHN) revealed the continued misuses and abuses of power found in the academy.
  • UK Men’s Day.
    International Men’s Day is celebrated every 19 November. This year UK plans to raise important issues such as men’s health, male suicide rates and the underperformance of boys in schools.

Photo by Tyler Nix from Unsplash.