About Us

At the University of Hertfordshire, we are committed to supporting inclusiveness, diversity and equality amongst all our students and into the wider community.

We’re very proud of the diversity represented within our community and we are committed to championing, celebrating, and representing all students, staff and alumni.

To hear more about our ways in doing this and supporting us to achieve these values, please read more!

  • Trans Day of Visibility
    What is TDOV, when is it and where is it.
  • Trans awareness week
    How the University of Hertfordshire is supporting gender identity during Trans Awareness Week.
  • Black Lives Matter
    In response to the tragic death of George Floyd, the University extends its support and ways that we can help people of colour.
  • LGBT & History Month
    The University of Hertfordshire is celebrating the LGBT+ community this February.
  • Not all Disabilities are Visible
    The impact that COVID-19 has on both visible and invisible disabilities.